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RIMT Fest....09/04/2014

 RIMT Fest....09/04/2014

Hello All,
Finally MozFest at RIMT Punjab , on 9 th april 2014 Completed with the Great Success. I have a talk with faculty Mr.Sofat of RIMT to Host a event in their College. me(Sajeev Soni), Mohit Kumar and Rahul Bains  are very excited for this event. Me, mohit and rahul, We three people reached before one day evening. Exact before a day i have attended the Mozilla India Community meeting at hyderabad and mohit have returned from Shimla one day before, after completing his college Work.
The Main agenda of this event is:
To catch More active contributors for Mozilla community
  • Introduction to Open Source
  • Examples of Open Sources and their benefits to Public
  • How the Mozilla is best among all open source companies
  • Mozilla Products SUMO (army of awsome)
  • Introduction of Localization Project
  • How to contribute in Localization ,in our Mozilla Punjab
  • Web maker introduction
  • Hands on session with WebMaker
  • Introduction to FirefoxOS
  • Hands on session with FirefoxOS App Development
We divided the session into two parts ,in morning session we Startup our First Session after meeting with  principal of RIMT Polytechnique College.
We start with Introduction to Open Source

In this Session We start with introduction to open Source. By Giving  a information to students and faculty about the meaning of open source by giving examples about various open source software.

Examples of Open Sources and their benefits to Public

Then we have explained various open sources Companies and their benefits and how the mozilla is best among these.

Mozilla Products SUMO (army of awsome)

In this Session Me (Sajeev soni), Mohit kumar and Rahul Bains explained the Mozilla and its products by giving the idea of SUMO (Speailly Army of Awsome) with example of myself & others indians Contribution in Army of awesome.
Most Students are  interested in SUMO project, then We have given the details to students how they can contributed in SUMO project to handle the end user problems.
by giving the details of how the mozillians are contributing in the SUMO project.
Introduction of Localization Project and How to contribute in Localization ,in our Mozilla Punjab

In this Session, the next step is to show them how the mozillians are working in Localization project by showing them Mozilla PUNJAB and contributors.

Specially giving them examples and work under localization. Contributors like aman alam who are contributing in Localization project from last 10 years. they are working in our community. We have motivated students to  work under localization project.

In evening session
Then I have shown the  Mozilla OS to students.and giving the details of mobile (ZTE) that Mozilla has launched in different countries.

It was the  awesome session.

Then Mohit shown them a Demo session to convert Hello word web application  to a (manifest) mobile  application and these are worked and tested in marketplace.

we start with the Web Maker introduction and its Tools. I have delivered a hand on Session with Thimble and giving them a  idea how can we use thimble in Designing by giving them a practical demo.
Rahul bains has explained the X-ray Goggles with practical Session.I gave practical demo of Pop Corn Maker with live Video . students were keen interested with this Session. 

Regional Media Coverage report of this event

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

India Pan Community Meetup at Hyderabad #MozMeetIn14


Three words i want to define that event is "Awesome Mozillians @ Awesome Place for the name of Awesome Mozilla "
 There's no limit for my excitement when i got invitation mail for Mozilla India Meet up. The Pan India Community Meetup means to muster the Active and Core Contributors across the country at one place to discuss about & to plan about for making our community more better. It was two days event......
     I left for Hyderabad on 4th april afternoon by Air & arrived there around 6pm. There i met Soumya deb &  Vineel Reddy, I just put my luggage in my room & joined them for having dinner.

After i had great dinner, i went back to my room.Then i got to know my room mate is my Brother+friend+Mentor (Sujith reddy), afterall we met after a long time...
 Then on next morning we went for the breakfast, then reached to the Conference hall, where we saw another Mozilla Honchos like:- Gen Kanai, Brain King, Madalina Ana.....
  Then Vineel sir started the event with a welcome speech, along with him other moz reps like:-  Kaustav Das Modak, Soumya Deb, Sayak Sarkar hosted the event too....Its great to listen them...
Then the taskforce session begun..we all divided into different Taskforce teams. Im contributing in SUMO for mozilla, so i choose SUMO taskforce team. In that session we had heavy discussions with Madalina Ana about how to make better the AOA portal.... what things we have to do's and dont's .On the next day we continue our discussions..
 In those 2 days i learned many things from every was a great time meet number of mozillians from various part of india...Wish to meet them again soon...Finally Mozilla India rocks & i was lucky to be a part of this family..... :)


Friday, 14 March 2014

MozLounge @ GNIT, Ambala (Haryana)


Hii Mozillians & Open Source lovers, Here's the another event for the name of mozilla to spread out the tide of mozilla. If we talking about the event, its a another great chance for us to get people aware about the biggest open source community. Strictly speaking it was the very 1st event of mozilla in Haryana state & we feel proud to be there for the name of mozilla.


This time I got a chance to host the event, as well as we were invited by Amit waliya who is the local organizer.So after invitation i was preparing for this event & asked to my moz punjab community members to join this event,
             Me (sajeev), Mohit & Rahul just left for ambala on 10th march just before the one day of the event. We just reached there at 8 in the evening. Amit picked us to the college. After a long journey finally we reached there...Then we had a lunch & started preparing & planning for the tomorrow's event.
On the Event day, We got ready for the event.


  • Introduction to Open Source
  • How to Contribute & get involved with mozilla
  • Introduction to Mozilla
  • Mozilla Products
  • Localization (Hands on Session)
  • SUMO (Hands on Session of Army of Awesome)
  • Web maker introduction
  • Hands on session with WebMaker
  • Introduction to FirefoxOS
  • Hands on session with FirefoxOS App Development
 As above we had long list of we just kick started the event @ 10 am & it has a 4 hours duration.First we started with the intro of ourselves & quickly Rahul started with the introduction of FOSS. He delivered a speech duration of half an hour, that was a great pleasure for me, how ardently rahul differentiate the mozilla community from the other communities.

 Then i joined Rahul for giving the detail information about the mozilla mission, It takes much time. I just gave them the way to got involved with mozilla & how to contribute for this open source community for making the web better. For me its another great experience to interact with new Tech Geeks, to read their mentality & to aware them about FOSS.
 Then Mohit gave a session on mozilla products & how they works. After giving answers of lot technical queries by the students, We just amazed to see that we have too much impressive response in just a 1st session, Personally i was glad to get that kind of interactive session.

In between we had a quiz...After each session we gave a chance to nabb mozilla T-Shirts..we Just asked students to give answers rapidly. It was the interesting time with full of joy....
   Just After that we had a session of Localization, which was over to me, then it was a heavy discussion between me & students.I explained what is Localization, what we do with it for mozilla, how can we do that. Then gave them a hands on session & translate an article into Punjabi language. & for examples i showed some translated articles & web page, which is done by Aman Alam (Locale reviewer).
Then the next session was SUMO.The students was expecting too much from me  about this session, because they saw me in the Top Contributors list of AOA & as they already know that i have been contributing in AOA for last Year... Then i gave them a hand on session if AOA & support forrum too.

Then finally come to our last session Webmaker. Again we gave a heavy definition of Webmaker Tools. firstly We start from Thimble. Mohit & Rahul both gave a hand-on session of it together with used some HTML & CSS tags..
After that i showed them some tricks with X-Ray Goggles tool..& describe it with the example of James Bond tools :) They all enjoyed this session very much..& at last we finish our session with Popcorn maker.. again a hands-on session delivered by me...

After it a great session given by Amit waliya (local organizer). He gave a stupendous hands-on session on Firefox OS...

 After that session. we finished our Event with lot of applause & some group pics..

 Few more clicks & its credit goes to Shivang for his fabulous job:- 

I hope u enjoyed my article.....thanx for reading it...:)

Monday, 30 December 2013

Steps to get in Army of Awesome

Army of Awesome:-

Its a part of SUMO (Support Mozilla) ,,,in which u can tweet by your Twitter account & helping the User by solving their queries regarding Firefox problems like crashing, freezing etc.

My Experience :-    

Well, i have been contributing in AOA since a last Year..., i love to do Browsing in firefox, so almost i know how to fix various issues occurred, that's why i also glad to fix problems regarding firefox of users all around the world...., During Contributing the best feeling is when i getting  'Thanx' from user in response.... It simply means that my one Tweet saves a somebody's day....:)

And this is not the end, For being an active contributor since last year, i also rewarded by Mozilla with some Goodies. :)

Steps to Contribute in AOA:- 

1) Register as a Contributor... 

  • Before Contributing,  First you have to Register as a contributor at mozilla site & you should also have a TWITTER ACCOUNT ...
  • .Follow the link below:-
    As shown in Image , here you have to Fill your details and click on the register button.

    After register successful, Go ahead to edit your Contributor Profile..

    2)  Go To 'Get Involved Page':-

    • On this page you can see diverse ways to contribute in Mozilla..... But now we are talking about 'Helping User'....Here u also can help Firefox User and also as well as Thunderbird Users.....Follow the link to get this page:- 
      • Now Click on the link as shown in image....

      3) Choose the Army of Awesome link :- 

      Follow this Link :-

      4) Next Page :- 

      Follow the Link below:- 

      5) Now AOA page comes at front of u :-

      Here's the same page as shown in screenshot below, where u can see button on "signin"

      Just Click on 'signin' button

      6) Now signin with ur Twitter account:-

      7) After signing in You will be redirected to the AOA portal:-


      Now you are Free to reply the tweets....Plz Keep in mind few things During Tweeting:-
      • Always use (#fxhelp) tag while tweeting, otherwise u will be Block by Twitter by posting Bulk/spam of tweets...
      • NOt Always use the Predefined Answers. Use ur wording while tweeting which is better more than predefined answers for the user...
      • Apart from AOA, keep tweeting in ur personal twitter account, which prevents u from suspension of ur account.......

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Community Building in Punjab -- 8th December- 2013


Here’s the first time community building event organized in Punjab. A big thanx to Sujith Reddy (Organizer) & Komal Gandhi (Rep-attendee) to support us & took initiative to build a community in Punjab.
                Recently, We organized number of webmaker parties in colleges. In which we had been succeeded in spreading the awareness about Mozilla. But on the contrary part we think it’s also our duty now to get contributors for Mozilla.
                Then we all were thinking that what should we do to expand the ratio of mozillian in our region. Then sujith suggested us to build a community in our region (Punjab).


                8th  December :- That was the day on which there was first time in punjab a mozilla community was going to be build. Then we all gathered at food plaza restaurant, the venue in Fatehgarh sahib. At 11:00 am sharp we started the event with introduction of individually of all community members.


                Then sujith gave small task to all i.e to write your views on sticky notes regarding what you think/what do you mean by building a community in Punjab. We all completed this task with coffee & French fries.& were doing discussion on each other’s opinion about community building in Punjab.
                Then sujith took a long session in which he explained following things in detail:-
·         Prime Motive to build a community in Punjab.
·         Our roles in a community.
·         How to get involved in Mozilla
·         DOs & DON’Ts
   Then a quick session given by me in which I was telling about my experience as a contributor of SUMO & about the recent activities of Mozilla, what I (sajeev) & mohit had done now yet in our region, then after the brief introduction about Mozilla products & webmaker tools, we felt appetite.
   Then we proceed to having lunch , after then we continued the event again, then Sujith & Komal shared their experience of mozilla Summit & as well as we discussed some topics like Localization, WebFwd etc…
                And I personally hats off to Sujith, that the way he explained each & every thing very easily to all & sought out everybody’s query.
                At the end we had a Mozilla cake to celebrate to celebrate the community building in punjab.
Punjab community:- I’m glad to say that as of now we already have Regional Marketing Ambassadors & SUMO contributors in our community….its a good beginning J J


MozFest at Shri Guru Granth Sahib World University...7th Dcember-2013

Hii Mozillians,,

       At the end of first week of month December, we have two interesting & big events in Punjab province. On the 7th Dec. there was Mozfest event at Shri Guru Granth Sahib World University. It was an event to spread the information about mozilla’s products & activities. The Prime motive of this event is to grab more people to get involved in Mozilla. Because after analysis we came to know as compare to other regions of india, in Punjab there are very less people who know about this biggest Open Source Community. So our agenda is to expand the network of Mozilla in Punjab and this event on 7th December is all about it.

                 Rahul Bains as a marketing ambassador helped us so much in doing all arrangements… 
                So at 10:30 we started the event by Sujith reddy & Komal Gandhi. For the event we have m-tech & MCA students which is good sign for us.

  *  Then Sujith handling the stage very smartly, as Punjab is a new place for him, so he checked the audience behaviour & their knowledge that what they already know about Mozilla & Open source products. On basis of response from students, he proceeded with the introduction of Mozilla & its products. He explained the way very easily that how to get involved in Mozilla & also gave live demo to contribute in SUMO. Then he moved to Firefox O.S introduction.

                * After his impressive session Komal handled the stage with introducing WoMoz among students. She emphasized on women power in Mozilla. She also gave such examples like Mitchel Baker, which motivates feminine audience to take step to be a part of mozilla & doing contributions for Mozilla.
                And at last, It had been a great event & we also got number of good tech geeks for the community building event on next day….